Carhartt Linings

Carhartt Linings

Use this index of Carhartt® linings to help you select the appropriate type of insulation for the job.  Every lining that Carhartt® uses in their workwear is listed here with a photo and a short explanation of the lining.

Thermal Lining The lightest Carhartt� lining is the thermal lining which has about the same thickness as a flannel shirt.  Garments with a thermal lining are excellent for three-season wear and layering with other garments.

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Mesh Lining Carhartt fleece lining is a lightweight 100% polyester fleece that provides three season warmth. Carhartt fleece lining can be suitable in winter if worn in layers with a sweatshirt or thermal underwear.

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Blanket lining The Carhartt blanket lining is a medium-weight insulation. It is excellent for active work. Carhartt® blanket lining has the texture and insulating quality of a blanket, utilizing a heavy flannel blanket material. Non-Bulky acrylic/polyester blended to provide a layer of warmth.

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Quilt Lining Carhartt red quilt lining is a mid weight insulation. It has a smooth nylon feel and slides on and off easily especially over other garments. It has a mid weight polyester fill. This lining is appropriate for Fall and Winter wear and is great for layering. It provides warmth without bulk.

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Mesh Lining Carhartt Sherpa lining is a nubby, soft pile material that provides lots of warmth without being overly bulky. The Carhartt sherpa material is made of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester. Carhartt sherpa-lining wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry. Polyester works by pulling in moisture. The result is drier, more comfortable Carhartt outerwear in tough working conditions.

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Quilted Flannel Lining This Carhartt quilted flannel lining has the feel of a soft flannel shirt. The Carhartt flannel lining is a heavyweight insulation consisting of soft flannel material quilted to heavy polyester filling. Carhartt quilted flannel lining provides a terrific amount of warmth without being overly bulky.

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Arctic-grade Lining The Carhartt Artic quilt lining is Carhartt's warmest lining material. Arctic "Quilt-lined" Carhartt® workwear is a very popular grade. This Carhatt lining is nylon taffeta quilted to a layer of high loft polyester batting. This Carhartt Quilted Lining is excellent for a wide range of temperatures. Carhartt Arctic quilt lining ensures maximum warmth when it is too cold for anything else, where activity levels are lower like ice fishing.

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