These days, online shopping has turned into a bargain hunt. With that in mind, you have just landed on the number one Carhartt discount page on the internet. We have the absolute best prices on all of your favorite items. How do we keep our prices so low, you ask? All the items on this page are Carhartt Factory 2nds. Don't know what 2nds are? Take a look at this list of frequently asked questions:

-What is wrong with factory 2nds item?

It has a minor cosmetic blemish, like a stitching error, or small surface stain.

-Is the sizing affected by this irregularity?

99% of the time, NO. We are so confident in the sizing that, upon inspection, we will exchange any item that does not measure as it properly should.

-Am I buying authentic Carhartt items when purchasing 2nds?

Yes. We purchase these straight from Carhartt itself.

-Are 2nds always available? How often are they restocked?

We purchase these in pre-loaded trailers from Carhartt. While we get to choose the trailer, we cannot chose the items on the trailer. We bring trailers in on a monthly basis to make sure we are as fully stocked as possible. However, the inability of being able to pick and choose specific styles, means that the inventory constantly changes. All styles are stocked and displayed based on availability from Carhartt itself. For the most part, we stay as stocked as we possibly can.

-Do 2nds qualify for any extra discounts?

Unfortunately, they do not. We keep 2nds as low as we can to ensure the consumer gets the best deal possible, at the most affordable prices.

-If my size isn't available in a factory 2nd, can you get it for me in 1st quality?

Certainly. We are proud to be able to offer our full selection of 2nds and 1st quality as well. However, 1st quality goods are priced at the industry standard amount.

-Can I return factory 2nd items?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your item, we will send you a new one, or credit you back for the item. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Super Casuals.

Super Casuals is one of a handful of retailers that offer certified Carhartt Factory Seconds, and one of an even smaller crop of retailers that offers BOTH 2nds and 1st quality Carhartt.

Our customers benefit from the most robust inventory of Carhartt found online. We look forward to providing the best customer service and we strive for the highest satisfaction possible. Our customers are the most important thing to us here, and we aim to please. Let us wow you today with the largest selection of irregulars, at the best prices around.

Start shopping our Carhartt Outlet below. If you have any further questions, or if our friendly customer service staff can help you in any way, please call 1-800-535-1044 or email sales@supercasuals.com.


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