How to Select a Work Boot


Choosing Work Boots SO you need a pair of boots for work. And, basically, you don’t want to crush your toes, break your metatarsals, puncture your heels, burn your soles, slip or fall, electrocute yourself or blow something up from too much static electricity. You also want to stay dry, stay warm, and stay standing […]

Don’t Wash Your Levis!


One pair of Levi’s jeans uses 919 gallons of water during it’s lifecycle. Yikes! Levis is now doing something about it… Levi Strauss Tries to Minimize Water Use – Levis Strauss water saving initiative When Levis found out that one pair of their stonewashed jeans uses up 919 gallons of water over its lifetime […]

The First Bell Bottom Jeans in Geneva, NY


  The year was, 196?, um, 60-something. The place – Geneva Super Army & Navy Store (eventually to become Super Casuals) in Geneva, NY. The brand – Landlubber jeans. We had ‘em first. The customer – none other than Wilmer Alexander of the then-famous R&B band Wilmer Alexander Jr. and the Dukes. When you’re famous […]

Carhartt In Prime Time

Carhartt In Prime Time On a recent installment of the hit CBS TV show NCIS the star Mark Harmon is seen wearing a Carhartt throughout the show. Categories: Hats

Size Matters!

Size matters! Support your favorite small business (ours?). This November 28th, is Small Business Saturday®, a day to support your local small businesses – businesses that are vital to the economy and enliven downtowns and neighborhoods across the country. Super Casuals, a small business for over 60 years, is proud to take part in this […]

Carhartt Extremes Clothing

Carhartt Extremes I don’t do much snowmobiling. Or for that matter, I don’t drive a snow cat, I’m not an ice road trucker and I don’t chase after the world’s most deadliest catch.   But if I did, I wouldn’t be caught out there in the elements without Carhartt Extremes — Carhartt’s top-of-the-line clothing when it comes […]